For programming and designing the webpage Nordic Music Pool DEOO and BFM is calling interested partners. The work must be carried out until December 2019 in close cooperation with the project partners. The fee for the work is 2500 euro, to be paid 1000 euro when the agreement is confirmed and 1500 when the work is finished.
Please send brief description of how you want to solve the task – please also include examples of prior similar work.

Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond Nordic Music Pool is an online platform facilitating the match-making of Nordic orchestras and composers. By making visible a ’hidden’ capacity in the industry, it releases unexploited resources, enables increased artistic collaboration, and creates new jobs in the Nordic music industry.

The Nordic countries are hosting approximately 100 state-supported orchestras, chamber ensembles and military bands. Usually the orchestras are planning their activities two or three years in advance.
Composers, also those working for film and media, theatre and dance, often works with a much shorter planning period. Sometimes productions plan a couple of months, a couple of weeks – or even – a couple of days ahead.
This fact leaves very few opportunities of matching recordings with available recording slots.
But despite the very long production planning of the orchestras, there is often free capacity between 1-5 working days. This resource might as well come into play for something productive. By facilitating contact between composers and orchestras NORDIC MUSIC POOL is making the Nordic orchestras available for the Nordic composers to record their music.


The Nordic Music Pool Platform enable communication between composer and available ensembles through an online database platform.
At the core it is a user-friendly way for composers to “browse” available orchestras and ensembles within certain criteria, such as date-range filters and categories. In order for that to work, orchestras have displayed and described themselves.

Generic description of the functionalities:

  • The relevant orchestras will be displayed with their names and links to homepages, , recording facilities, specialties (symphonic, bigband, military, string etc.)
  • After finding the needed information about the orchestras, the composers will take first contact to the orchestras through the platform. All further contact between composers and orchestras will go directly with no interference from the platform.
  • We kindly ask the composers and orchestras to respond when they have succeeded in matching a recording with an available orchestra. This will later on appear at the NORDIC MUSIC POOL list of success. We do however not want a “Trustpilot” function connected to the platform.
  • On the other side we also kindly ask the composers and orchestras to respond, when they have made a not so successful match. Thereby we will continuously be able to qualify the function of NORDIC MUSIC POOL
  • A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) function should be integrated to ensure the users an easy access and understanding of the functionalities.
Please send brief description of how you want to solve the task – please also include examples of prior similar work.
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