Jørgen Lauritsen

PHONE: +45 20 64 39 90
Mail: JL@jorgenlauritsen.dk


The main focus of Jørgen Lauritsen’s career so far is/has been composing for documentaries, a few feature films, some commercial stuff too. Orchestrating for major feature films, mostly in Denmark but also in Europe and a few in USA. Marco Beltrami, Chris Young, Stephen Schwartz and London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are among clients. Jørgen also conducts recordings, theatre shows and concerts in cross over genres jazz/contemporary and popular music.



”Jørgen Lauritsen is one of the best I have worked with”
-3 times Oscar winner Stephen Schwartz, composer and lyricist

”A Ravishing, thought provoking movie”
– Lee Marshall on Strings i Screen Int’l

”An extraordinary melding of visual artifice and cinematic imagination”
– London Times

” Lauritsens STRINGS is the best film score this year”
– Jon Broxton, MoviescoreUK.


Marco Beltrami, Chris Young, David Buckley, Gabriel Scott (all Los Angeles USA), Ole Borndeal/Thura Film, and a ton of Danish productions both as composer, arranger, orchestrator and conductor of recordings for film scores.


Disney’s Menken/Schwartz ”Hunchback Of Notre Dame”, Royal Theatre Copenhagen 2017. Stephen Schwartz/Santa Barbara Opera California, Stephen Schwartz/Gladsaxe Theatre DK, Numerous Danish productions as MD and arranger.


Orchestrated/arranged for: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London, Danish Radio Chamber Players, Metropol Orchestra Holland, Norsk Rigskringkastingsorkester Norway, City Of Prague Philharmonia Zhech Rep. Numerous symphonic ensembles in Denmark as well as military bands, choirs etc.


Released at: KeepMovingRecords Moscow Russia, Ex Libris/Gyldendal, Universal Music, Sony Music, Universal Music Korea, Stamp Music DK, Da Capo Records, RUO records, Scanbox, Mega Records, EMI, Walt Disney Records, Stamp Music, EMI/Boom Records, Plantsounds soundtracks Denmark (2017).

Pop & Showbizz

Hundreds of arrangements for orchestra / pop strings etc for concerts, recordings.

Including restoring several Conrad Salinger charts from MGM golden era.

TV & radio

Many productions, mainly in Denmark. Orchestrating/arranging, conducting and producing too.