Mike Sheridan


Mail: mike@sheridan.dk                                                                    FOTO: Klaus Bo
Web: https://mikesheridan.info/


Mike Sheridan (b. 1991) began as a shooting star on the Copenhagen underground music scene in 2006. Since he has worked extensively as a solo-artist and as a composer/collaborator on various film productions, plays and dance performances.


Looking Back, Moving Forward:
The Islands and the Whales:


Laura Hancock’s “Karantæne Liv”, www.karantaenefilmene.com 2020 – Short
Lisa Jespersen’s “Hvor Kragerne Vender”, Hyænefilm 2020. – Feature
Nizam Najar’s “Aleppos Fall”, Stray Dog, DK, NO, 2017 – Documentary
Mike Day’s “The Island And The Whales”, 2016 – Documentary
Susann Østigaard and Beathe Hofseth’s “Light Fly, Fly High”, 2012 – Documentary



Composer: Score for Laura Hancock’s “Karantæne Liv”,
www.karantaenefilmene.com 2020

Composer: Score for Lisa Jespersen’s feature film “Hvor Kragerne Vender”, Hyænefilm 2020.

Composer: Score “Himalyan Memories” for Rune Klans “Hopeful”, 60+ performances in DK.


Release of “Anamorphosis” – 5.1 surround sound album. Screenings, at CPH DOX and OFF (DK).

Composer: Musical pieces for the Danish National Museums “Germany” exhibition.

Composer and sounddesigner for Amanda Ginmans play “Klædt Af” (“Undressed”), Aveny-T.

Composer: Score for Shakespeares “Richard III”, Lars Roman-Engell, Hamletscenen, Kronborg Castle, DK.

Co-Composer: “Danish Design”, with composer Jesper Mechlenburg, Dancer: Alban Lendorf (ABT), Bellevue Teateret, DK

End of engagement with The Danish Governments Arts Foundations Composers Grants Committee for Musik (2016-2020).


Composer: Score for DR Radiodrama “Kom ind i min drøm” (“Enter my dreams”)

Concerts: Solo concert at Spot Festival, Århus DK
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 21-22-28-29 July with August Rosenbaum, Fred Frith, Lotte Anker og Garth Knox.

Residency at Inter Arts Center, SWE, with Jakob Riis, “Sequential Spaces”, 3-16 September.

“The Islands and the Whales” is nominated for an Emmy.


Producer and composer of “Oracle” by IKI.

Composer: Score for Shakespeares “Hamlet”, Lars Roman-Engell, Hamletscenen, Kronborg Castle, DK.

Composer: Score for “Aleppos Fall”, Stray Dog, DK, NO, IDFA premiere.

Selected concerts: Duo concert with August Rosenbaum, Royal Danish Opera, 8 Februar, Duo concerts with Jakob Bro (“Radar”, Århus, “Struer Tracks”, 2-3 Juni), concert at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (4 November), solo concert at GONG Tomorrow festival (11 November, Jazzhouse).


Member of The Danish Governments Arts Foundations Composers Grants Committee for Musik (2016-2020).

Sounddesigner and co-composer with August Rosenbaum: Score for Jane Austins play “Sense and Sensibilities” (“Fornuft og Følelse”), Peter Langdal, Århus Teater, DK.

Soloist performance with DR Big Band celebrating trumpeter Palle Mikkelborgs 75th birthday, DR Concert Hall, DK.

2 month residency with Ensemble Hope, FR, 9 Concerts – 22 Juni – 15 Aug.


10 year jubilee as professional electronic music DJ counting 800+ engagements at various clubs and festivals.

Composer: Commissioned piece: “Carl Nielsen Remixed”, Odense Havnekulturfestival, DK.

Composer: Commissioned piece and performance: “Colours”, Hempel Glasmuseum, Geopark Festival, Odsherred, DK.

Composer: Score for Mike Day’s “The Island And The Whales”, 150+ Film festivals, Emmy nominated, Peacock winner.

Solo concert at Aros Museum

Commissioned performance with poet Signe Gjessing, “Poems and sound”, Vega, DK.

Jurymember for DR P1 SHORTDOX radiodocumentary competition.

Composer and sounddesigner for DR P1 radiodrama “Buskapringen” (“The Highjacking”).

Member of the grant commission for composers’ organisation DJBFA.


Composer: Commissioned piece “Monstrum” (“The Beast”) for STRØM festival, DK. For electronic processing and a 22.500 horsepower Burmeister and Wain engine.

Musical interpretation: Commissioned dance piece: “The ugly duckling”, in collaboration with composer Bent Fabricious Bjerre for
Eurovision Song Contest, EBU.

Composer: Installation sound piece commission for Danish Design Museum. 3 pieces about master craftsman Kaare Klint.

Composer: 3 pieces for Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra, Define Festival, DK. Arrangements by Karsten Fundal.

Producer, musician and musical direction on “Anamorphosis” performed with Ensemble Hope, FR and Palle Mikkelborg, DK, DR Concert Hall.


Jurymember for composers’ organisation DJBFA 40th jubilee composers competition.

Creative direction and composer of audiovisual event “Panorama” for STRØM festival, DK. Commissioned piece for string orchestra, band and 3D sound. Spatial sound collaboration with Martyn Ware (The Human League, UK), Illustrious Company, London, UK.

Composer/Performer: Musical transitions in “Shadowplay” commissioned by DR Girls Choir, Composer: Bent Sørensen. Writer: Knud Romer.

Composer/Performer: Commissioned piece for “Corpus”, Royal Danish Ballet. Dancer: Emma McKenzie


Second album “Ved første øjekast” (“At first sight”) is released.

Sold out solo performance in DR Concert Hall

CPH PIX Audiovisual commission: Sven Gade – “Hamlet” at Kronborg castle in Helsingør.

DK tour with percussionist Bent Clausen (Tom Waits, Damon Albarn), 12 concerts.


CPH:DOX Audiovisual Commission: “Laekjum”. Collaboration with visual artist Eva Koch.


Composer/Performer: Score for magician Rune Klan – “Det Blå Show” (“The Blue Show”) – Tour with 50+ shows i Danmark.


Various festival appearances: Roskilde, Skanderborg Smukfest, etc.

Danish Grammy (DMA) nomination and win for “Best electronic album 2009”


Composer/Performer: Score “Atini Kramsa” for Alexander Kølpin’s Summerballet 2008. Choreography by Tonja Pedersen.

Debutalbum “I Syv Sind”. The single “Med Små Skridt” receives massive airplay from national radio DR P3.

Commissioned interpretation of The Beatles “Revolution 9” for SBS/DR’s “The White Concert” television extravaganza in Horsens


Participant in cult television programme “Den 11 Time” (DR) alongside electronic music pioneer Else Marie Pade (b. 1924).