HARPA Nordic Film Music Award 2016

paving the way for Nordic music and talent to the European market

This year the HARPA will be awarded for the 6TH time. And it will happen in connection with the Berlinale and at the Nordische Botschaften, the Pan Nordic building of the Nordic Embassies.

In Nordic and international movies and television series we often hear the Nordic talent, skill and knowhow. Abroad they call it ‘Nordic Noir’. In the Nordic countries we just call it music. Good music!

Even though the Nordic composers are well represented in international films and television-series we still believe that some ears belonging to some producers or directors need to meet this music. And meet these composers.

This is the reason why the Nordic Film Composers Network, after five years of presenting the HARPA in different Nordic countries, is presenting the HARPA in connection with the Berlinale.

The festival in Berlin is closer to the bigger European markets for film and television, than the Nordic cities of Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Trondheim and Espoo has been. From Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland we have picked the best scores and the most remarkable and consistent talents.

Meet them and hear them. You might be delighted, surprised and chilled. Whatever – But not disappointed.

Until then – find more information about the prize, the event and the nominées here 

On behalf of the Nordic Film Composers Network
Halfdan E and Lone Nyhuus


Judging the Nordic music and talents

KONRAD SOMMERMEYER is the founder and manager of Guerilla Entertainment. Besides that he is also taking time to give industry lectures as Artist manager at the Popacademy and has been part of the jury of Eurovision Song Context, Melody Grand Prix 2014.
Together with Universal Music and Sony he has founded a label and is representing 14 national and international artists such as Tim Bendzko, Motrip,  Dat Adam,  Chima,  Alin Coen Band and Elif.
With more than 1,5 million sold albums, 2 million singles, and awards like World Music Award, ECHO, MTV Europe Music Award, Bambi, Goldene Kamera, 1Live Krone, GEMA Autorenpreis, Radio Regenbogen Award, he is truly representing high quality popular music.

THOMAS ROBSAHM is a multitalented half Norwegian and half Italian Actor, producer, screenwriter, director and film-composer.
In his youth he was part of several punk and post-punk bands; a career which he left in 1985 to go into the movie business. He has worked at the Norwegian Film Institute as a film consultant 4 years, and is now a producer for Maipo film. In that position he has among other been responsible for Trier’s film “Louder than bombs” which was in the competition of Cannes in 2015. His latest tv-series “Punx” was released on Norwegian TV the 25th of November 2015. In his spare time he plays keyboards and makes his own films.

CHRISTINE AUFDERHAAR originally Swiss and trained as a classical pianist at the conservatory of Lugano and in Film Scoring and Classical Composition from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Christine Aufderhaar currently lives in Berlin, where she writes and produces music for film, television, theatre and concerts. She has won several awards in Europe and the US for her film scores as well as for her concert music.
She is member of the German Film Academy and of the “Academy of German Music Authors”. From 2004 to 2008 she was Associate Professor at the ‘Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen’ (HFF Konrad Wolff) in Babelsberg (Berlin) in the film scoring department.