Katrine Amsler


Telefon: +45 22 23 45 15
Mail:       katamsler@gmail.com
Web:      www.katrineamsler.com


Composer, sound designer, producer, instrument builder and musician based in Copenhagen. Master in improvisation and composition from the Music Academy in Malmö Sweden.

2019 Control (Video Game) (sound artist)
2019 Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Video Game) (sound artist)
2017 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Video Game) (sound artist)



As a composer and sound artist I contribute to different types of audio-visual projects, podcast productions and similar. As a musician and producer I work with experimental electric/acoustic trio Shitney (Faust, Wikström), Sweden based electronic / cinematic rock unit Thymeshift, international chamber rock group Isildurs bane and as a solo artist.

I am originally educated a piano player but the fact that you can’t manipulate or bend the strings of a piano (in the way that I dream of) eventually made me start building and modify my own instruments. I build mainly spring and string instruments for my own use and occasionally on demand customised especially for the projects that I work on.

I have a deep interest in the texture and structure of sound. I often find myself exploring and investigating the sounds of different objects. Whether it be old organ pipes, cheap-keyboards-running-low-on-batteries, a beautifully squeaking bridge or a hifi recording of a kitchen fan.

Both as a composer and a musician my work is often a result of a process where I sculpture and layer sound elements both played and sampled. Sometimes handled with utmost care and other times with calculated carelessness. I sometimes polish to an almost psychopathic extent and other times I keep the untreated ingredients completely raw. The music is diverse, touches a variety of genres and always wants to be listened to.