Birgit Løkke



Birgit Løkke is a composer, percussionist and vocalist. She composes for film, theatres, orchestras and her own projects and performances. CELL and KLINT are her latest music dramatic performances and KLINT is nominated to a Reumert award 2017 for the best performance.
Birgit Løkkes work as a percussionist, vocalist and composer produces a flow of exuberant multi-faceted sonorities from a vast armoury of percussion instruments collected from all over the world.
Birgit has developed her own colourful graphic scores for use in her solo performances and for scores to orchestras.  Also she combines art and science in her own projects. During her researchings she discovers new sounds and creates new soundscapes for example by recording sounds from cells, stones, atmospheres from the Canadian wilderness and transforming that into music. On board a submarine she collected sounds from the deep sea.