Jonas Struck


Telefon: +4526299944


Award-winning composer Jonas Struck is a graduate from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He has worked for more than ten years as a film composer scoring and supervising various feature films, national TV-drama series, and a large number of documentaries.Struck recently scored music for the epic tennis drama ”Borg McEnroe” starring Shia Le Beouf, political cold-war thriller “The Idealist”, the Sci-Fi movie ”Qeda – Man Divided” and the American TV-drama ”Conrad & Michelle- If Words Could Kill”. Struck’s sound is a mix of Nordic electronic soundscapes and organic instruments with strong signature themes that sums up the DNA of the movie


Jonas Struck – Composer Showreel from Jonas Struck on Vimeo.


The Art of Tennis from Jonas Struck on Vimeo.

Highway of Hell- Hunting For Hedonia from Jonas Struck on Vimeo.

The Idealist- Stay Away from The Area from Jonas Struck on Vimeo.



Feature Films

Vores Mand i Amerika, Director Christina Rosendahl (Nimbus Film 2020) Work In Progress

Conrad & Michelle, Director Stephen Tolkin (Sony Music US, 2018)

Landet af Glas, Director Marie Rønn & Jeppe Vig (Pilot Film/Scanbox, 2018)

Borg McEnroe, Director Janus Metz (SF Film, 2017))

Qeda/ Man Divided, director Max Kestner (SF Film, 2017)

Hjertestart, director Arild Andresen (Motlys, 2017)

Idealisten/ The Idealist (UK title) Christina Rosendahl , Director (Toolbox, 2015)

9. April  Roni Ezra, Director (Nordisk Film, 2015)

Spies & Glistrup/ Sex, Drugs & Taxation (UK title) Christoffer Boe, Director (Alphaville, 2013)

Superclásico,  Ole Christian Madsen, Director (Nimbus Film, 2011)

Magi i luften,  Simon Staho, Director (Zentropa Productions ,2011)

Sandheden om mænd ,Nikolaj Arcel, Director (Zentropa Productions 2010) (Co-composer)

Towards The Light (1919/2007) Asta Nielsen – Silent Movie (Nordisk Film Productions)

Prag , Ole Christian Madsen, Director (Nimbus Film, 2006)

Regel No.1 (2004) Oliver Ussing, Director (Zeitgeist Film, 2004)

Documentary Films

Apolonia, Director Lea Glob (Danish Doc) Work in progress

Hunting For Hedonia, Director Pernille Rose Grønkjær (Danish Doc 2018)

Overleverne, Director Louise Detlefsen, Louise Unmack Kjeldsen (Plus Pictures, 2018). Main Title Theme only.

Hjerter Dame/ Queen Of Hearts, Director Mette-Ann Schelepern & Louise Detlefsen (Hansen & Pedersen 2018)

Vold i kærlighedens navn, Director Christina Rosendahl (Sonntag Pictures 2017)

Den Anden Side, Director Pernille Rose Grønkjær (Danish Doc. 2017)

Ekstra Bladet- Uden For Citat / The Newsroom-Off The Record (UK title)(2014) Mikala Krogh, Director. (Danish Documentary)

The Man Who Saved The World (2014) Peter Anthony, Director (Zentropa Prod.) One track only!

Min smukke datter (2010) Maya Albana, Director (Monday Film)

Magtens Billeder (2004) Christina Rosendahl, Director (Tjubang Film)

Stjernekigger (2002) Christina Rosendahl, Director (Rosendahl Film)

TV Series

Lærkevej season 2 (2009) Misc. Directors (Cosmo Film)

Lulu & Leon (2009) Misc. Directors (Fine & Mellow)

Lærkevej season 1 (2008) Misc. Directors (Cosmo Film)

Short Films

Belinda Beautiful (2012) Marianne Blicher, Director (Nimbus Film)

Øresund (2011) Martin Werner, Director (Bacon Film)

Sol Skin (2009) Alice De Champfleury, Director (Nimbus Film)

Bobby (2009) Julie Bille, Director (Nimbus Film)

Manden fra Panama (2007) Sune Lykke Albinus, Director (Super 16)