Jesper Mejlvang


Berklee College of Music, Performance Major (83)
Rhythmic Conservatory Copenhagen, Piano Major (91)
Berklee College of Music, Music Composition Film & TV (2013)
Owner of Baltic Recording studio – Isle of Bornholm

Jesper started out being curious when he first encountered music as a 6 year old playing the piano and dreaming of sounds. And to this day that same curiosity still is the main drive for him when writing his music and creating the sounds.
During the 80′s and 90′s Jesper was a first call pianist and keyboardist. Playing with everybody on the front stage of pop and jazz music in Denmark and Scandinavia.
Touring, recording and producing with several grammy awards and nominations to show for it. And loving every moment.
At the turn of the millennium his curiosity was more focused on the creative process than touring. So he moved to the Isle of Bornholm with his family and build Baltic Recording studio. Overlooking the magnificent Baltic Sea this is a great place to be inspired by nature. Calm and beautiful, dark and rough – and ever changing.
Recording and producing albums gave Jesper a lot of experience and one of his trade marks is the ability to make the music work, no matter what genre og purpose.
That trade mark is also his strong point when composing for Film an TV. Here his curiosity is fully satisfied and it feels to him like coming home. Over the years Jesper has composed many tracks for TV and media productions but he still has his first feature film in store.
Composing for large orchestra is his new playground, and as usual with Jesper – once his curiosity is awaken her never looks back.