Tin Soheili


Telefon: +45 21 71 70 29


Based in Copenhagen, Berlin and Stockholm, I have Scored more than 250 hours of TV/Film/Theatre/Modern Dance in the past 15 years both internationaly and domestic.

Multi instrumentalist with a solid classical training.

​My inspirations vary, but among a long list of composers and talented creators of music, i am inspired by such greats as Debussy, Sibelius, Arvo Pärt,  Jonny Greenwood, Bernard Hermann, Cliff Martinez, Alberto Iglesias , Daniel Lanios, Trent Reznor, Enio Morricone and anything that inspires to create.


Showreel Drama from Tin Soheili //Composer on Vimeo.

Mere videomateriale her



“We Could Be Heroes”  Hind Bensari (2018)
“All the Rage” Michael Galinsky (2017)
“Deep Storage Project” Theis Molin (2015)
“Danfoss” Christoffer Boe (2014)
“Sepideh” Berit Madsen (2014)
“Crossing the line” Theis Molin (2014)
“Ilha De Mozambique” Kasper Bisgaard (2013)
“Woman of the resistance” Copenhagen film (2013)
“The Ambassador” Mads Brügger (2012)
“Hundekirkegården” Per Wennick (2011)
“H.R.H Princess Marie” DR Documentary (2008)
“Young Freud from Gaza” Peå Holmquist (2008)
“Godt Arbejde” TV Doc. 12 episodes, DR (2008)
“Kom Igen…” TV Doc. 12 episodes, DR (2008)
“Job Portrays” TV Doc. 12 episodes, DR2/DR (2007)
“JobbussenTV” Doc. 10 episodes, DR (2007)
“Mission Integration”TV Doc. 12 episodes, DR/DR2 (2007)
“Bessie” Pause-Film (2007)
“Peters Omgang” DR(2007)
“Hell’s Court” DR Documentary (2006)
“My Denmark” Final-Cut Production (2006)
“Svineriet i Øst” DR (2006)
“Ej Blot til Lyst” Per Wennick (2006)
“Job hunting” TV Doc. 10 episodes, DR2 (2006)
“Newcomer in Denmark” TV Doc. 10 episodes, DR (2006)
“Parents again” TV Doc. 8 episodes, Easy film (2005)
“The Children of Darfur” Camilla Nielsson (2005)
“Living Miracles” Zentropa (2005)
“The Persian Story” Baldfilm (2005)
“Normalerweise”TV Doc. 8 episodes, DR2 (2004)
“Portray of Lotte Svendsen” Nordiskfilm (2004)
“The Khmer Way” Discovery Channel (2003)
“Made in Bangladesh” Rubaiyat Hossain (2019)
“Roqaia” Diana S. Jamal (2019)
“Elefantbird” Amir Masoud Soheili (2018)
“Wonderful Copenhagen” Bo Tengberg (2018)
“1,2,3 NU” Barbara Rothenborg (2016)
“Splitting up together” TV Series, Hella Joof (2016)
“Blue Eyed Boy” Amir Masoud Soheili (2015)
“Cars only honk for Women” Amir Masoud Soheili (2014)
“M is for Mime” Short Fiction, Vrede Film (2014)
“Darling Vera” Short Fiction, Farfallina Film (2013)
“The Coach” Zentropa (2009)
“Kiss of Eternity” (USA) Short film, Flying/Zentropa (2008)
“Jasmin” Short film, Ada Søby (2006)
“One-legged Ben” Short film, ACC Film (2006)
“Anja efter Victor” Regner Graasten Film (2003)
Theatre & Modern Dance:
“I Dare you to Look at Me” Modern dance, Tin Soheili/Malene Becker (2020)
“Flug”) DramaTin, Soheili/Eja Due (2019)
“Tæt På” Drama, Pernille Garde (2017)
“Sorella”Modern dance, Pernille Garde (2017)
“Hodja fra Pjort” Musical/Drama, Sebastian/Frede Guldbrandsen (2017)
“Up Close/Intimate” New Theatre, Pernille Garde (2015)
“Latenight Bukowski” New Theatre, Lohmann/Grabowski/Gantzler (2015)
“Ring of Fire” Theatre, Lohmann/Grabowski/Soheili (2014)
“Lost memories” Modern dance,Pernille Garde (2014)
“Circus of life” Modern dance, Pernille Garde (2012)
“The Bollywood Trip” Theatre, Rolf Heim (2012)
“Mirror Modern” dance, Tali Razga (2011)
“The Symphony of Silence” Modern dance, Pernille Garde (2010)
“About brothers…” Modern dance, Pernille Garde (2008)