SØS gunver Ryberg

Email: soesgunver@gmail.com


SØS Gunver Ryberg is an award winning composer, sound artist and live performer known for her releases and also her extensive compositional and soundtrack work for video games, films, international theatre and dance productions.

She has been awarded several times for her music and significantly a BAFTA nomination for her work on the multi award winning video game INSIDE.

She creates genre-defying electronic music. Her characteristic style is recognized for challenging your state of consciousness by transformative music experiences with insistent rhythms, combined with a meticulous exploration of textures and timbres.


Premiers Plans, French Film Festival in D’Angers – Best Music Prize Cutterhead 2019
Emotional Game Awards – Best Emotinal Music Inside 2017
SPILPRISEN – Best Sound Design Inside 2017
The Edge Awards – Best Audio Design Inside 2016
Game Developers Choice Awards – Best Audio Inside 2016
The Danish Art Agency/Statens Kunstfond  – Music to Inside 2016
Danish Composers’ Society’s prize 2011
The Danish Art Agency/Statens Kunstfond  – Music to Wilhelm Tell 2011


Carl Prisen – Composer of the year – Cutterhead 2020
Robert Award – Score of Year Cutterhead 2020
BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Televison) – best Music Inside 2017
DDJA – AFTRYK Danish Album of the year 2017
SPILPRISEN – Best Sound Design THOTH 2017
The Games Awards – Music and Sound design Inside 2016
Golden Joystick Awards – Best audio Inside 2016
Independent Games Festival – Excellence in Audio Inside 2016
Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences D.I.C.E. Awards – Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design Inside 2016


NORRDANS – PROXY Trailer from Norrdans on Vimeo.