Andreas K. Westmark

Andreas K. Westmark
+45 28126725

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

My name is Andreas K. Westmark. I’m a composer working with films, contemporary dance and various music acts. With a background as a recording and touring musician, traveling around Europe and Russia for 5 years, my first encounter with film composition was for the short ‘In the Soil’ (2021) by director Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen.
The short had its world premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2021, nominated for Palme d’Or.
The score was nominated for an EKKO shortlist award in 2022.
Among working on various film projects, I debuted as a composer working with contemporary dance in 2023. ‘THE WATCHERS’, a piece by choreographer Dorotea Saykaly was performed by Dansk Danseteater in July 2023.

I strive to keep curious and honor the creative force of a “beginner-mindset”, while simultaneously delivering quality work in collaboration with quality people.
My creative outlet could be described as minimalistic compositions with an urge for maximalist sounds. Naturally, it all depends on what the project and story calls for, but I definitely have a soft spot for electro-acoustic sounds that explore melancholic, dark and confrontational expressions. In a quest to create something distinct, I love fusing traditional instrumentation with abstract sounds and a sprinkle of “digital black magic”.
Though, what I love the most about making films is working closely together with a director and getting to know them by creating new languages and creative worlds together.

I graduated as a sound designer from Sonic College in early 2023 and started my Master in film composition in August 2023.


Tør Du Drømme om Døden?
director Smilla Dreinø Khonsari //Original Score (2023, unrelased)
Træer Malet i Tjære,
director Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen //Original Score (2023, unreleased)
choreographer Dorotea Saykaly //Original Score (2023)
Pigen På Den Lukkede,
instruktør Christian Voldborg Andersen //Co-composer (2023)
director Anne Hodgers //Original Score + Sound design (2022)
In the Soil,
director Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen //Original Score (2021)

In The Soil (2021):

Lament: (2022)

THE WATCHERS – teaser from the studio (2023):

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