Nordic Film Music Days 2018

Nordische Botschaften – Berlin February 2018

Through seminars, lectures and video presentations, NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS offers opportunities for capacity building network meetings for Nordic film- and media composers.
Following the great international branding around “Nordic Noir” and the popular wave of Nordic TV shows that have gone around the world THE NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS at the Nordische Botschaften offers the opportunity to present Nordic film- and mediacomposers to the pro segment of the film industry and the upcoming talent – who will likely be easier to target, and at the same time far more important long-term, being the stars of tomorrow.

Sunday February 18th NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS 2018 will take place at Nordische Botschaften.

NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS 2018 is building on the experiences from the previous NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS events. Especially the two events in 2016 and 2017, which took place at Nordische Botschaften in cooperation with the staff from the individual Nordic embassies.

Through seminars, lectures and video-presentations of nominated composers and individually scheduled meetings NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS will aim at presenting the high quality of Nordic film- and mediamusic for the participating composers and to the young professionals present at the Berlinale. The HARPA NORDIC FILM COMPOSERS AWARD will be handed out as a part of NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS. The winner will receive a small statuette designed by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson.
Using the multiple opportunities of the Nordische Botschaften NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS will also offer opportunities for capacity-building network meetings and workshops for Nordic film- and mediacomposers.

NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAYS at the Nordische Botschaften offers a stellar opportunity to showcase both our film- and media composers, our art form and the lifestyle of the Nordic countries, thus strengthening our collective appearance at the Berlinale.

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