Den danske nominerede til Nordisk Filmmusik Pris

For the Nordic Film Composers Award 2012 the Danish jury has nominated Nicklas Schmidt for his orchestral  score for the film ‘The Great Bear’.  

Nicklas’ score for Esben Toft Jacobsen’s animated featurefilm, ‘The Great Bear’ (‘Den kæmpestore bjørn’) is in every sense a greatly satisfying work. Nicklas has written an
orchestral score that resists the temptation to pull out every stop throughout the film, but elegantly and quietly underscores the beautiful and very Nordic
childrens’ animation movie about two kids and their slightly surreal adventure in a Swedish forest. Here and there, Nicklas flashes the muscles of the Danish
National Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Nic Raine), but only when the story calls for it – showing Nicklas’ excellent skill to dosage all the different flavours and coulours of a full symphony orchestra.

If there’s a meaning to the word ‘Nordic Music’, it lies in the transparent tradition of composers like Grieg, Sibelius or Carl Nielsen, and Nicklas plays elegantly on this
tradition, here and there referring to the slightly chilling world of Bernhard Hermann.

Furthermore, we wish to acknowledge the production company and animation studio, Copenhagen Bombay for its willingness to use a real orchestra in this score. In a time where animation film budgets mostly allow for use of sample libraries, it is a great pleasure to experience real and well crafted and performed acoustic music, performed by a Nordic orchestra.

We truly appreciate the great effort made, to have it financed.

Nicklas’ score for ‘The Great Bear’ was also nominated for Danish Robert Award in 2012, category ‘Best Musical Score’.

The Danish jury consists of: Louise Friedberg, Film Director – Anne Østerud, Film Editor – Peter Schultz, Sound Designer – Tore Leifer, journalist, Master degree in Musicology, Film and Media Studies – Halfdan E, Film Composer.

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