Nordic Film Music Day 2015













a day with Nordic film- and mediamusic
Wednesday February 4th 2015
the Pan Nordic Building – Rauchstr. 1 – D-10787 Berlin

Programme (changes may occur):

9.30-10.00 Wellcome and coffee
10.00-11.00 MEET composer Jan Erik Kaada and director Bent Hamer, ’1001 grams’ (Norwegian Oscarnominee), moderator Thor Joacim Haga
11.00-11.15 Short intermission
11.15- 11.30 What is FFACE? – MEET FFACE chairman Bernhard Grimaldi
11.30- 12.30 MEET some of the nominated composers for Grand Scores, the new pan-European film music-price
12.30- 13.30 Lunch
13.30- 14.30 Speeddating between film-industry and Nordic Composers
14.30- 15.30 MEET the filmcomposer who will get a Grand Score Award for a lifetime achievement

Nordic Film Composers Network (NFCN) was founded in 2009 with representatives from each of the five Nordic countries through the performing rights associations:
SKAP (Swedish Performing Rights Society)
ELVIS (Foreningen Populärauktorer in Finland)
ISAC (The Icelandic Society of Authors & Composers, Iceland)
NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)
BFM Danish organisation for film- and media composers.

The principal goals were to strengthen artistic interaction between the Nordic countries and to help Nordic film- and media composers to gain increased access to the international market.
There have subsequently been two annual gatherings of the most prominent film composers from the respective countries. As part of the gatherings there have been seminars, meetings and lectures.

HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award was invented to put more attention to the Nordic Filmmusic.
The winners of the HARPA award and the 10.000 euro have been:
2010 Gothenburg Dani Strömbäck (Finland) for the music to the Finnish film “Letters to Father Jacob” (Finland)
2011 Copenhagen Gaute Storaas (Norway) for the music to the Norwegian film “Elias og jakten på havets gull”
2012 Reykjavik Fredrik Emilson (Sweden) for the music to the Swedish film “Kronjuvelarna”
2013 Norway Tuomas Kantelinen (Finland) for the music to the Finnish film “Puhdistus” (“The Purge”).
2014 Finland Matti Bye (Sweden) for the music for the Swedish film “Faro”

NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAY is arranged prior to the Berlinale 2014 and the handing out of the new European filmmusic prize, The Grand Scores.
NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAY will increase access to the European market for the Nordic Film- and Mediacomposers.
NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAY is arranged in cooperation with Nordische Botschaften in Berlin and Music Norway.

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