NFCN history and organization

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The Nordic Film Composers Network
The network of the Nordic talents and their music
Since 2009 the Nordic film composers from the five Nordic countries have met twice a year.
Through workshops, seminars, lectures and face-to-face meetings the aim has been

  • to strengthen artistic interaction between the Nordic countries
  • to develop the organisation’s internal skills through seminars
  • to strengthen public awareness of a significant contribution to the experience of a film: film music
  • to increase understanding about and raise awareness of film music within the film business
  • to contribute to the creation of a better climate of collaboration between composers and other film makers by means of the exchange of ideas and skills
  • to strengthen and develop fellowship with fellow composers, to get to know each other and stimulate healthy competition.
  • to help Nordic film composers to gain increased access to the European and American market.


The Nordic Film Composers Network is formed by the following organizations:
Denmark/Brancheklubben for Film- og Mediekomponister/BFM
Iceland/Icelandic Society for Authors and Composers/FTT
Norway/Norske Populær Autorer/NOPA
Finland/Finske Populær Autorer/ELVIS
Sweden/Föreningen Svenska Kompositörer av Populärmusik/SKAP

The winners of the HARPA award and the 10.000 euro have been:

2010 Gothenburg Dani Strömbäck (Finland)
for the music to the Finnish film “Letters to Father Jacob” (Finland) – read more

2011 Copenhagen Gaute Storaas (Norway)
for the music to the Norwegian film “Elias og jakten på havets gull” – read more

2012 Reykjavik Fredrik Emilson (Sweden)
for the music to the Swedish film “Kronjuvelarna” – read more

2013 Norway Tuomas Kantelinen (Finland)
for the music to the Finnish film “Puhdistus” (“The Purge”). – read more

2014 Finland Matti Bye (Sweden)
for the music for the Swedish film “Faro” – read more

From 2016 and further the Harpa prize will not be accompanied by any money-award.

The NFCN 2016 has been discussed and decided in the period February 2015- July 2015 between the following persons
ICELAND Joni Sighvatsson, musician, filmproducer and owner of the filmdistribution company, ScanBox
NORWAY Eirik Myhr, filmcomposer
SWEDEN Mårten Karlsson, administrative manager, SKAP
FINLAND Heikki Elo Keyboardist / composer / arranger /conductor and producer
DENMARK Halfdan E, filmcomposer and initiator of NFCN (chairman)

from august 2015 and up to the actual event the NORDIC FILM MUSIC DAY will be planned and carried out as a collaboration between:

DENMARK Halfdan E, filmcomposer and initiator of NFCN (chairman) and Lone Nyhuus, secretary
BERLIN Per Erik Veng, public diplomacy and minister counselor, Nordische Botschaft and a local coordinator, not yet localized.

From February 2016 the network coordination will again be carried out by the Danish Halfdan E and Lone Nyhuus with support from the working group.