Patricio Fraile



Patricio Fraile is a Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist with Spanish roots. He holds a M.A. in music, specializing in film scoring and orchestration. In 2011 he received a grand to study film music in Hollywood and New York with prominent composers and sound designers such as Carter Burwell and Walter Murch.

The last couple of years he has started to establish himself as a skilled composer and sound designer working in films and television, on documentary projects for DR, Danish national TV, as well as upcoming short and feature films. Such as the multi award-winning Danish short film Abu Adnan, most recently screened at Sundance 2019.
In his compositions Patricio combines the sound palette of the orchestra with soundscapes and other musical textures, often inspired by the folk cultures of the world. He has recorded his music with orchestras and musicians in Denmark, Spain, Tallinn, Budapest and as far as a nature reserve in Mozambique. His insights from his studies in musicology and broad experiences in the field in Europe, Latin America and Africa, let him to found the music production agency GrowMusic which also collaborates with other composers, musicians, brands and agencies on finding new and interesting ways to tell stories through music and sound.

​Patricio is also recently involved in the creation of a new film music orchestra (Film Orchestra Nord) based in Tallinn.


Patricio Fraile – Composer Showreel from GrowMusic on Vimeo.